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2017 WINNER … Alison Rees

Alison Rees

Dissertation Title:

Because I won’t waste with a Marks and Spencer’s Sandwich –

An Investigation into Why the Food and Packaging System causes us to Waste and How It Must Change for a Sustainable Future in Consuming Food


“Community Creations” aims to promote the brand values of sustainable social enterprises through the strategic utilization of waste materials. I am working on three “live” projects in which my material objects actively promote the values of partner organisations whilst also reducing food waste.

The Real Junk Food Project

An international organisation that intercepts food destined for landfill. ‘Crate Plate’ and ‘Bin Lid Platter’ are serving dishes made from recycled food packaging. Each design communicates the hidden value of waste.

Stoneham Bakehouse

Bread is the most wasted food in the UK, Stoneham Bakehouse is a community-led bakery based in Hove, which utilizes bread making to provide mental health support to the local community. ‘Baking letters’ enables personal narratives to be expressed through the baking process.

Old Tree Brewery

Is a traditional, zero-waste, brewery based in Brighton. ‘Cider Leather Labels’ utilizes the bi-products of the brewing process to produce food packaging and labelling for their products.