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2018 WINNER … Luke Fuller

Whilst studying on the 3D Design and Craft Course I have found my passion for ceramics to continuously grow. My work is strongly influenced by location as every place I visit has its own history, culture and community. For my final year project I have visited Port Talbot in South Wales on numerous occasions to gather research, which provided me with an invaluable wealth of inspiration to create work which reflects on the notion of place. This has allowed me to explore and discover new processes and techniques, allowing me to create a narrative behind each piece of work. These processes have been informed by Port Talbot, allowing me to discover and push the boundaries of traditional methods of working with clay. This has opened up a whole new experimental approach to my practice through the experiences and lessons that I have learned.

Clay inspires me because traditional hand making skills are still integral to its craft as well as its ability to combine modern technology such as laser cutters and 3D printers. This gives one the opportunity to discover new work through the breadth of processes ceramics can offer as well as its receptive qualities to new approaches of making. Digital technology such as the software Rhino, has been a useful tool in my practice as it has helped to realise new possibilities. Additionally, clay in this for every growing man-made world offers me the chance to connect with a natural material.

I am constantly excited at the prospect of meeting people who share the same passion and desire to push the boundaries of art and design. Working in a shared environment is important to me as communicating with others and having conversations is key to learning how one’s work is perceived and for other ideas to be realised. This is why I have applied (and been accepted) to study at the Royal College of Art on the MA Ceramics and Glass Course. I believe this course will make a positive contribution to my practice as it will allow me the opportunity to hone my skills as a ceramicist, create a strong network within the creative industry and further enrich the concepts and language that surround my work.

The Richard Seager Bursary will be extremely beneficial to my craft as it will help with my material costs. I have discovered from my project this year how expensive my work is due to the nature of the materials and processes I choose to use. The Bursary will allow me to be more confident within my practice as it will mean I can afford to take more educated risks that hopefully will push my work further to allow new discoveries to take place. Furthermore, I have started saving for a long-term plan to set up my own studio after my Master’s Degree.

Luke has recently won the Business Design Centre “New Designer of the Year” Award and his work is being exhibited at the Mint Gallery in London in September 2018 as part of London Design Week.

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Update Received from Luke Fuller

Since graduating from the University of Brighton, Luke has gone on to show at numerous exhibitions. He has received representation from the Sarah Myerscough Gallery, who have shown his work at PAD London and COLLECT, held at the Saatchi Gallery. He is currently working hard on a new body of work for exhibitions in Autumn 2019 with the gallery. These works will be part of his “Faults” series, which are produced using a combustible press moulding technique that is unique to his practice and is inspired by geological processes and forms.

Luke has also started a Masters in Ceramics and Glass at the Royal College of Art, where he is experimenting with new techniques and processes to produce a new collection of work for his graduate show in 2020.