• Alex Key (3D Design and Craft)
  • Alice Gompels (Illustration)
  • Bronte Simpson-Little (3D Design and Craft)
  • Charlie Murchison (Fine Art, Printmaking)
  • Ella Cosham (Graphic Design)
  • Harry Gordon (3D Design and Craft)
  • Jodie Whitchurch (Fine Art, Sculpture)
  • Vanessa Menrad (Fashion communication with Business Studies)

2020 WINNER … Harry Gordon

A word from Harry;


This year has been one of deep reflection and development.  Having spent the previous year travelling in parts of Africa and India, I was craving a workshop to explore and express ideas that had followed me on my travels.

The title ‘Origins’ was inspired by an interview where I heard the artist David Nash define originality as being connected with a materials Origin.  This really stuck with me and felt aligned with the spirit of the work I aim to put out into the world.  Through this lens, the things I’ve made are aiming to celebrate the origin and essence of the rocky landscapes I have most recently been inspired by.

My project explores textures, forms and colours in wood inspired by my experiences from the year away.  Through my interpretations of rocks in their many different forms, I have developed a range of sculptural and functional interiors where people can have a tangible experience with the natural world through handmade objects that resemble elements of nature.

Living out of a rucksack and camping in caves, on rocks and by rivers I started to look more closely at my craggy neighbours.  Whether it be rocks eroded by glacial waters, boulders that were curiously stacked on top of one another, or fluorescent landscapes born out of geysers erupting from the ground, their forms had a profound effect on me.  Reading books about the immense spans of time these forms undergo has reminded me of how young we really are in comparison to the world around us and had me question what it is I want to put forward in the world.  I base my practice around a nature-first perspective, making objects from sustainable sources -mostly reclaimed wood from the furniture industry and making them beautiful and long lasting, so that they will hopefully not find their way into a landfill.

Winning the Richard Seager Bursary is an amazing opportunity to help me get set up with a workshop in Cornwall where I plan to move in September. From here I hope for nature to continue to be my greatest inspiration, teacher and friend.

I hope my project brings people some joy, and inspires them to celebrate and care for our beautiful world.